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CHC - USA Hockey Coaches Helmet Rule and Violations

ALL coaches MUST be wearing helmets on the ice during all practices.  This includes house and travel teams, as well as clinics. There has been plenty of time to communicate this rule, and compliance should be a given at this point.  But this has not been the case.  To date, approximately 10 programs and coaches have received warnings.  The rule is simple and does require 100% compliance by all CHC member programs and their coaches.

The rule is as follows.  A “modern” helmet must be used at all times when a coach is on the ice.  Enforcement is made through the punishment for each offense: 1st infraction = Warning; 2nd infraction = 1-game suspension; 3rd infraction = Match penalty.  Sanctions may also be imposed upon the program for wanton disregard of this rule.

The coaches not only need to wear an approved HECC helmet, but it must be worn correctly. I was dumbfounded at recently held coaching clinics where coaches not only didn't want to wear helmets, but those that did were upset when we asked them to fasten chinstraps. Some coaches had gone so far as to take the ear loops off the helmet so there was no place for a chin strap at all.

This is not only a safety issue now, but also an integrity issue. If we as coaches can't abide by the rules, how can we in good faith expect the kids we coach to abide by rules we set.